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Prevention is the best medicine for 'Your Style of Life!'

With more than 30 years’ experience in the naturopathic, health and fitness industry,
Christine Hopkins can offer you a complete health & lifestyle service.

As a health professional, Christine Hopkins is passionate about providing you with the best
choices to improve your health and lifestyle, not just for your benefit but also your family and friends. 

Her passion is to take the stress out of your life! 

Integrating her professional experience and synergistically combining her services she offers a unique Naturopathic consultation using modern scientific BioEnergetic Equipment to evaluate your current health.  You will receive a report where you can instantly see what areas of your health (physical, mental and emotional) are out of balance. 

By making healthy choices and using our professional healthcare products, including our individually designed Star Botanical range, your ‘Style of Life’ will drastically improve.

Get started now because every day is important and one small change can make a real difference. Select one of the options below!

Christine also offers Auriculotherapy treatment (ear acupuncture without the needles) to optimise her patients health and wellbeing.  The perfect treatment to consider for stress, anxiety management, psychosis and psychosomatic disorders, addiction (alcohol, drugs, sexual, smoking) recovery, sports performance enhancement and musculoskeletal conditions, frozen shoulder, infertility, hormonal and endocrine conditions, appetite control/weight management, digestive disorders, ADD/ADHD, Allergy, and more. 

Our 'Energy Plus Diet & Lifestyle Guide' has been developed from the amazing clinical results from our Successful Nutrition program. I’m offering you this for FREE to encourage you to improve your ‘Style of Life’ by making natural, healthy choices.  We encourage you to use our search engine as it is offers you abundant free information promoting you to take action and have fun to make healthy choices every day! 

Our passion is to educate, motivate and guide you to achieve your goals in every aspect of you life!  One small healthy change can make a difference.  If you make it fun it will become a part of your healthy lifestyle.  

You can start your better health journey now by booking the 'Tara Health Centre' on (08) 9444 4190 to book me for a Naturopathic consultation or treatment.  Complete My Health Profile, book a Naturopathic consultation and exploring the wealth of information available by clicking one of the links above.

Live, love, smile and enjoy every day by finding a healthy balance for your 'Style of Life'.