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Wellbeing customised to Your Style of Life.   

Christine Hopkins offers Professional Naturopathic Services. With over 30 years of experience Christine has helped her patients improve their health, fitness and lifestyle. From digestive, cardiovascular, neurological, hormonal, skin, weight, metabolic and emotional all health conditions are addressed. Working as a Integrated Medicine practitioner Christine works with other health and fitness professionals referring and supporting her patients best interests for optimal results. 

Her passion is to take the stress out of your life!  

Working with you to improve 'Your Style of Life'. 

Get started now because every day is important and one small change can make a real difference. 


Prevention is the best medicine! 

Modern online ordering is becoming more and more the norm with our busy society. People want choices. Keeping up with this, Christine is excited to offer all her Australian wide patients this choice.  Excellent for busy professionals, parents and FIFO workers etc.  Your prescription for 'practitioner only health products' &/or your Health & Lifestyle package can now be purchased online after your consultation as more and more health companies like BioCeuiticals are offering this option.  

More choices and less stress.  

Live, love, smile and enjoy every day by finding a healthy balance for your 'Style of Life'.     

Call us on 0488800028 to book a consultation.