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Bach Flower Therapy

Dr Bach was an English medical doctor and Homoeopath in the 1930’s who developed a set of 38 flower essences, "The Bach Flower Remedies".

Bach felt that "disease" is a sign of imbalance in one's emotions, attitudes and life directions. His philosophy was “Treat the patient, not the disease; the cause, not the effect."

Each of the 38 Bach Flower Remedies are indicated for a particular characteristic or emotional state.

Click on each remedy for a more detailed overview.

  1. Agrimony - Those who suffer
    considerable inner torture which they
    try to dissemble behind a facade of cheerfulness.
  2. Aspen – Anxiety, fearfulness of 'I don't know what'. Apprehension.
  3. Beech – Critical and intolerant of others. Arrogant.
  4. Centaury – Weakness of will; those who let themselves be exploited or imposed upon by others and who can allow themselves to become slaves.
  5. Cerato – Those who lack confidence in their own judgement, constantly seeking the advice of others, often misguided.
  6. Cherry Plum – Fear of mental collapse, of doing something desperate, uncontrolled temper.
  7. Chestnut-Bud – Refusal to learn by experience, continually repeating the same mistakes.
  8. Chicory – The over-possessive, who are constantly seeking to put others right and demanding the attention of those close to them. Usually full of self-pity.
  9. Clematis – The dreamy sort of person who pays little attention to what is going on around them.
  10. Crab-Apple – For those who feel unclean or ashamed of their ailments.
  11. Elm – Temporary feelings of inadequacy. Over-whelmed by responsibilities.
  12. Gentian – Feelings of discouragement and resultant self-doubt. Relates to faith.
  13. Gorse – Despair and loss of hope utter despondency.
  14. Heather – People who are obsessed with their own troubles and experiences and constantly relate these to others. Poor listeners. Saps vitality of others.
  15. Holly – For those who are jealous, envious, revengeful and suspicious. For those who hate.
  16. Honeysuckle – For those with nostalgia and who constantly dwell in the past. Homesickness.
  17. Hornbeam – For those who need strength to deal with their daily duties though they usually succeed in fulfilling their task. Monday morning 'itis'.
  18. Impatiens – Impatience, irritability.
  19. Larch – Despondency due to lack of self-confidence, expectation of failure, so fails to make the attempt. Feels inferior. Fear of failure.

  1. Mimulus – Fear of known things.    
    Shyness, timidly.
  2. Mustard – Deep gloom which descends   for no known cause and can lift just as suddenly.
  3. Oak – Despair but never giving up. Brave and struggles on despite despondency. Plodders.
  4. Olive – Exhaustion and utter weariness. Tiredness both mental and physical.
  5. Pine – Feelings of guilt. Self-reproachfulness that they should do (or have done) better. Blames self for mistakes of others. Fear of success.
  6. Red Chestnut – Excessive fear or anxiety for others.
  7. Rock Rose – Terror, extreme fear or panic.
  8. Rock Water – For those who martyr themselves in their pursuit of an ideal. Rigid-minded and self-denial.
  9. Scleranthus – Uncertainty and indecision. For those who are one thing one minute and then the opposite.
  10. Star of Bethlehem – For all kinds of shock. For the after effects of trauma.
  11. Sweet Chestnut – The despair of those who feel they have reached the limits of endurance.
  12. Vervain – Over-enthusiasm, over effort; straining. Fanatical and highly-strung. Incensed by injustices.
  13. Vine – Dominating and inflexible. Ruthless and craves power.
  14. Walnut – Gives protection from outside influences and over sensitivity. Link breaking remedy for transition and change, e.g. puberty, menopause.
  15. Water Violet – Proud, aloof, superior reserved. Does not interfere in affairs of others.
  16. White Chestnut – Persistent unwanted thoughts. Pre-occupation with some worry or episode.
  17. Wild Oat – Dissatisfaction with not having found one's goal in life.
  18. Wild Rose – Resignation, little desire to make an effort. Apathetic.
  19. Willow – Resentment and bitterness. 'Not fair' attitude.
  20. Rescue Remedy – A composite of Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose and Star of Bethlehem. For shock, trauma, emotional upsets.

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