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Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine has a long tradition of use dating back thousands of years and
was in fact, the first medicine used by man.

In many cultures Herbal Medicine is still the first choice of medicine to treat the
body, prevent disease, strengthen and support hereditary weaknesses and treat
imbalances of the body due to lifestyle choices, environmental toxins and physical
and emotional stresses of the body and mind.

Classical herbal medicine utilises the Hippocratic principles of treating the person,
not the disease; evaluating the whole lifestyle as well as the emotional and
circumstantial environment of each patient, not just the physical symptoms.

Today, the practice of herbal medicine is supported by an ever-increasing
amount of scientific and clinical research and is effective in the treatment of
many, many health conditions. It can be used alone as a single therapy or it
can be combined with other natural remedies. It can also be combined with
orthodox drug treatments to enhance the healing process or to reduce the side
effects of some medications.

A resurgence of scientific research in Australia, America, Europe and Asia is demonstrating that some plant
substances are superior to synthetic drugs in clinical conditions. Every culture on the planet has their
unique herbal medicine system, using plants that grow in their country. Herbal medicine remains the
oldest and most used form of medicine on the planet today.

Herbal Medicine (also known as Botanical medicine and Phytomedicine) can be prescribed as tinctures,
dried herb capsules, pills, teas and food. They may also be applied to the body externally in the form of
salves, ointments and poultices among others.

Herbs contain a complex range of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and chemicals (phytochemicals)
that have a unique biological activity. These active compounds from herbs are often used to produce reliable
pharmaceutical drugs. The Herbalist uses herbs in combination or by themselves to create a medicinal
product that supports and treats the whole body but also addressing the imbalances that are presenting
in the client to create a remedy that treats the whole body.

Herbal Medicine is the ultimate holistic treatment with the advantage of preventing disease and treating
a particular illness without the drug based inherent side effects.

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