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Homotoxicology is the study of the influence of Toxic substances on the human body.

Homotoxicology is a wholistic paradigm that shares the same assumptions as oriental medicine. It is a biological medicine that is a cybernetic system of information arranged in self-maintaining levels. Each level keeps the one immediately below in homoeostasis. With every disease or imbalance this affects the given level. If the homotoxins are not cleared in the matrix they impregnate the cell. The basic extracellular system is a uniform stable environment, regulated in all the cells of the body.

Simply put if you think of the cell as a ‘goldfish’ swimming in the water of his aquarium he actually lives in his food and garbage at the same time. If his water of the aquarium is not cleaned it becomes toxic and the fish becomes sick. This is a very simple analogy but this is how our cells in our body become toxic. We need to keep our extracellular matrix (ECM - the area around the cells – the water in the aquarium) clean at all times to prevent toxins making us sick. The life-quality of the cell will depend on the purity of the ECM

What is a Homotoxin?
Homotoxins are any toxic product for the human organism. A Homotoxin is another word for “Poison”.

We are exposed to homotoxins every day...

Toxicity or autointoxication results when we take in more or produce more homotoxins than the body can easily eliminate.

Types of Homotoxins

Homotoxins can be placed into two categories - Endogenous & Exogenous.

Endogenous Homotoxins (Toxins) e.g.

Endogenous Homotoxins are produced and stored in the body: internal waste products of metabolism, infection, inflammation or other pathological states, by products of oxidative stress.

Exogenous Homotoxins (Toxicants, Xenobiotics) e.g,

Exogenous homotoxins are ingested, inhaled and / or dermally injected into or absorbed in the body.

Homotoxicology forms a bridge between Homoeopathy and allopathic medicine or the traditional western medicine. Homotoxicology is a regulatory medicine. The understanding that imbalances occur and if they are not cleared then they progress within the body (as the matrix becomes heavily burdened with toxins), which can be monitored on the 6-phase table of map (the territory) until the cell becomes altered!

Referring to conventional medical indications connects anti-homotoxic medicine with allopathy, while therapy with potentized substances unites it to homoeopathy.

Anti-homotoxic medicine is the connecting link between allopathic (western medicine) medicine and homoeopathy.

Modern Homoeopathy (Homotoxicology) was formulated by Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg M.D.,(1905-1985) who was also a qualified Homoeopath and Naturopath.  In 1952 Dr Reckeweg MD created the Integrated Bio-Regulatory Medical System of Homotoxicology as he combined his knowledge of classical homoeopathy with modern medical science to produce a range of anti-homotoxic therapeutic medicines.

Homotoxicology has been used by doctors and health professionals for over 60 years in 60 countries.

These anti-homotoxic therapeutic medicines are manufactured in Baden-Baden, Germany under strict 'Therapeutic Goods and Manufacturing homoeopathic practices'.  These medicines have been clinically trialled with evidence-based outcomes.  The medicines are only available with a prescription from Doctors and Health Professionals. 

One of these popular anti-homotoxic therapeutic medicines is Traumeel.  Traumeel is a natural anti inflammatory that is used by the German Olympic team and homotoxicologists (bio regulatory medicine practitioners) with successful results over diclofenac, a commonly used anti inflammatory drug!

Anti-Homotoxicology medicines offer choices to allopathic drugs that can provide excellent results without the side effects and iatrogenic complications of drug based medications.

The resulting synthesis continues to provide a bridge between homoeopathy and conventional medicine.

Homotoxicology gives you a positive outcome to work towards healing your body by dealing with cellular health and clearing the toxins that may be inhibiting your positive outcome for 'Excellent Health'.

Homotoxicology is a therapy that is pro active in working towards 'Preventative Medicine', for all ages, all health conditions and the reality of dealing with daily toxins and stressess in our modern society with a action plan to move towards positive health, abundant energy and well being!

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