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Star Botanicals

Star Botanicals are our company’s ‘designer range’
health products.

Professional quality medicinal remedies individually designed
for you - created using the best herbal medicine, homeopathic
and flower essences sourced from around the world by 
by Christine Hopkins ND BHSc,
Herbalist / Naturopath / Homoeopath.

Every Star Botanicals product is individually created and designed for you after 
completion of the HQLA ‘Health Questionaire and Lifestyle Appraisal’ PDF.Our Health & Lifestyle Package includes our

Star Botanicals,are energetically balanced Natural Medicines specifically formulated to provide

therapeutic combinations of herbal medicinehomoeopathic medicine and / or flower essences

based on scientific, clinical and traditional medicine.

Synergistically designed and individually created to support your symptomatic picture, we offer two
excellent packages we may prescribe after your Naturopathic consultation.
Unlock the healing power of nature!


These four remedies are created to bring your body back to balance and support your
body prescribed after your face to face Naturopathic consultation. 


These two remedies deliver a total approach to supporting 
your health and well-being every month.

Star Botanicals

Body Boost
Herbal Medicines - ‘Individually Designed & Created for You’

  •  Herbal formulation designed and created to ‘Boost your Body’!
  •  A total approach to improve, restore, strengthen, tone & nurture your body.
  •  Herbal Medicines synergistically chosen to address your symptomatic      
  •  Herbal Tonic to Support & Maintain Optimumn Health, Energy and Vitality.

Vital Qi 

Herbal Medicines - ‘ Seasonal Support Naturally’

SUMMER Dec - Jan                                  LATE SUMMER Feb - March
AUTUMN Apr -  May                                 WINTER Jun - Jul
LATE WINTER Aug - Sep                         SPRING Oct - Nov

  •  The combined action of herbs in this formulation may assist
          with seasonal support (TCM) to fortify the body.
  •  May enhance immune and nervous system function.
  •  Promotes a healthy balance and vitality.

Flower Essence

Flower Essences - ‘Feel Better Naturally’

  •  Nature's protection remedy from every day stress.
  •  To promote emotional balance and a healthy mind.
  •  May assist in improving clarity, creativity and unlocking suppressed emotions.
  •  To improve general well-being on all levels, physical, mental, emotional & spiritual.
  •  Flower Essences are gentle and safe.

Homoeopathic Remedy 

Homoeopathic Remedy - ‘Vital Balance & Well-Being’

  •  Assists in the maintenance of general well-being.
  •  Promoting support to improve the body’s natural defences.
  •  May stimulate the body’s own healing process to restore health.



Individualised Dispensary
Dispensary Range - ‘An Essential Dispensary Favourite’

Our Star Botanicals Dispensary Range includes over 130 products including
favourites Cold / Flu and Immune Booster.

If needed, you will be prescribed your own Star Botanicals remedy via
completion of our HQLA or after a naturopathic consultation


  • Herbal medicines in synergistic combination to potentiate
         each other for greater therapeutic effect and restorative action.
  • May assist in improving, restoring and strengthening your body.
  • Specifically addressing your symptomatic picture with specifically
         selected Herbal Medicines.

Visit our store to order your own Star Botanicals Health & Lifestyle package!

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